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Services of excellence of real estate – Mouslli group

Pre-sale services:

  1. Determine the budget and projects suitable for the work application
  2. Free tour for all offers and projects
  3. Give the customer all information about the purchase process
  4. Provide advice and advice to the customer
  5. Preparation and translation of all required papers
  6. Follow up the sale until obtaining the title of ownership
  7. Upon reaching the required amount of Turkish nationality, all papers will be submitted to the competent lawyer.


After-sales service:

  1. Investment fees through resale or leasing.
  2. Assistance for the evaluation of the property.
  3. Upon reaching the required amount of Turkish nationality, all papers are submitted to the competent lawyer.


Real Estate Services – Mouslli group for businessmen:

We specialize in providing advice and support to new business people and companies:

  1. Preparation and translation of all the required papers to establish the company in Turkey.
  2. Nomination of a certified accountant to follow up the establishment of the company and the monthly and annual taxes.
  3. Provide advice on the proposed location of the company.
  4. Establishment of a website and follow-up advertising campaigns.
  5. The appointment of a lawyer following the legal company.
  6. Extraction of working places and ears work.

Distinguished real estate developer. We have more than ten years of experience in real estate and investment consulting, helping our clients to reach their goal and find the home of their dreams.

Mr. Ahmed Al- Mouslli, founder of our company in Turkey, with more than 16 years’ experience in a multinational company in Dubai and Bahrain.

Our client network is diverse from Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Germany and the UK.

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